button it kid

image courtesy of spearmintbaby.com

This is a project you can do on your own or have the little poppets help you out (provided they are past the “put-everything-in-your-mouth” phase).

Simply draw the letter of choice then glue a random selection of buttons over the top.  Frame in a white box frame or whatever frame takes your fancy and you have a terribly fabulous original artwork.  They look especially fab above a cot or bed.



5 thoughts on “button it kid

  1. How gorgeous, I have seen one similar, made by a very special friend of mine, in a heart shape with red buttons….delicious.

    • 23?!? Crikey, you are going to need a LOT of buttons honey. I agree this is equally fab for grown ups. You could go monochromatic or choose buttons to fit with existing colour scheme instead of multicoloured. The sky is the limit really! x

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