is three a crowd?

I am the middle of three girls.  Growing up, I shared a bedroom with my big sister.  We had matching olive green chenille bedspreads and seventies floral wallpaper.  When we were young we didn’t fight and really loved sharing a room.  Thankfully, by the time crazy girl hormones started to kick in and arguments became a regular thing, mum and dad had extended and we all had our own little haven to escape to and decorate however we liked.

Whilst our home extension plans remain a bit of a pipe dream right now, my hubby has been ‘lobbying’ to have all three of our boys share one bedroom.  The main selling point is it would give us a free space to convert to a dedicated play room – my dream come true.  On the down side, it may mean that the two good sleepers we currently savour might lose their mojo thanks to middle sized son, the not-so-good sleeper, who is regularly heard still talking to himself or his toys as late as 10pm, despite being put to bed at 8pm on the dot.  And when I say talking, I mean loudly conversing with make believe characters including sound effects and the whole catastrophe.

So I’ve been searching for inspiration and ideas on how to make a room for three work.  Thankfully we don’t have the gender issue so that makes it a little easier but we are working with a relatively small space.

I found these and like bits and pieces about each of them.

Clockwise from top left;

Do your kids share? How do you make it work?


4 thoughts on “is three a crowd?

  1. Have you ever tried having them all sleep in one room? When Jackson slept in Estella’s room she woke up and cried quite loudly but he just slept through it all. If the other boys are good sleepers, they may not even hear loud conversations with toys 🙂

  2. My two kids share a room. One good sleeper and one not so good. Most of the time the good sleeper sleeps through the screamer and as the screamer goes to bed first, he sleeps through his sister often singing for 30 mins when she goes to bed! Once they are asleep they generally stay that way. They love sharing though as it is great company for little kids.

  3. Go for it, my three share and room and they love it. I have two girls and a boy, they have a great time sharing a room. They have the master bedroom and we are converting the loft for us. Their room is big enough to be playroom too and we have a set of bunkbeds and a cot in it. Great space and great for the kids. They miss each other when they are not together. I’m trying to work out how to decorate it now to maximise the fun they can have it in.

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