thank you mcdonalds

Three words I never thought I’d say in the one sentence.  Yet here I am, snuggled into my new temporary digs at the local McCafe, taking full advantage of their free Wi-Fi whilst sipping on a surprisingly good Hot Chocolate.

Now before you log off thinking I have succumbed to The-Block-like McDonald’s sponsorship dollars, I should clarify I’m just using them. I am only here through sheer desperation and I only want them for their Wi-Fi.  Because another HUGE corporation we call Telstra has my home/office internet on the fritz.  This is day 3 and we have another 4 days of drive-me-up-the-wall-frustratingly-slow-internet yet to endure.  So, today, I bunkered out before I did actually start climbing the walls.

It’s interesting to be out amongst the world observing the many walks of life who meet here, eat here, stop for coffee here.  And those who come here for the free Wi-Fi.  I do like to people watch and wonder about the stories that lie beneath the suits and the fluoro safety vests and baby prams and bobbly old cardigans.  There are lots of retiree couples here sipping lattes and munching on raisin toast.  I even eavesdrop on their conversations every now and then.

Do you think I have been working from home, alone, for a bit too long if I am starting to feel that my local McDonalds is a cultural hot spot? Perhaps.

In a bit of a rush, I have updated my pages, done my bits and pieces and am about to head home again.  Home.  Where I will sit solo, with no-one to watch and no-one to make me a hot chocolate.

Maybe I will come back here after all.  Might have a chat to their sponsorship department beforehand though …


4 thoughts on “thank you mcdonalds

  1. hehehhee I quite like running off to McDonalds for a sneaky hot chocolate, sweet pastry and free wifi so I can people watch. Sometimes when the kids are being a bit too much and just want to get out of the house we go there and they play while I have my chocolate 🙂 nothing wrong with that at all.

  2. Change is good honey!! Telstra…….gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    You go a bit crazy when you have computer problems at home……..bring on mackers!!!

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