getting the chores done

We had a family meeting recently as we felt we needed to update the boys’ chore lists.  And when I say update I mean GIVE them a chore list.

Of course, we have always asked them to do basic jobs around the house but were pretty ‘flexible’ and, more often than not, I would end up doing the job to save time, my voice and my sanity!  Clearly this approach is not going to win me Mother or Disciplinarian of the Year, but there you have it.

So we sat the two biggest boys down at the table with this list.

We asked them to choose the jobs they wanted to do from their appropriate age group.  The theory is that because they have chosen the chores rather than been handed them they will take more ownership.  Stay tuned for those results!

We have also reintroduced reward charts (yes, we really did have them before) linked to their chosen chores.  We are only a couple of weeks into the new regime but it seems to be working.  Yay again!

We also love these cute ideas to help keep the little ones on track.

These Chore Chips will stick to your fridge to remind the little ones of the chores they need to complete. As each family is different, these chips are customisable and come with either a picture or a monetary value.

Or you could adapt them for use this way …

courtesy of

Chore Sticks … move from one jar to the other once the chore is complete.  Kids love the visual aid.

courtesy of

And how about this for a clever idea?

image courtesy of

Do your kids do chores?  How do you manage the whole crazy process?


7 thoughts on “getting the chores done

  1. This post was full of good ideas, thank you! We are similar in our household in that the kids have jobs in theory, but need prompting as their chores have not yet developed into true habits. (Me to blame there…) Whenever I see lists of age appropriate chores, like this one, I am amazed at what I COULD be asking my boys to do! You have reminded me to increase my expectations of them, and to put in the hard yards to structure their chores and teach them what they are capable of. Everybody wins in the end!

  2. Love those ideas!! I’ll be stepping the difficulty factor up for sure!! I may be tempted to use that tub as a bin…… x

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