meet a mama – kate from o.b designs

I came across lovely Kate from O.B Designs as I stock their gorgeous goodies over in my little store.  Always friendly, vivacious and oh so clever I thought she was another perfect choice to feature in our meet a mama section. So here she is.  Meet Kate …

Tell us a bit about you, fabulous you!
I am Kate, originally from Jacksonville, Florida USA. I met my husband Luke surfing on a remote island in Indonesia. He has had me swept off my feet for the last 11 years ❤ . We live in Lennox Head just outside Byron Bay, NSW. I am the mother of 2 sweet little girls – Evie, 5, & Willow, 3. I am also co-founder of O.B. Designs, a company dedicated to designing and wholesaling  innovative toys and decor for babies and kids.  When I am not working on O.B. Designs, I love to hang at home with the family, read design books and mags, cook wicked meals with Luke, exercise regularly  & listen to music of all genres.

Who inspires you?
My husband & kids have always inspired me and make a better person. From the beginning, of O.B. Designs, my eldest daughter inspired me to want to create a business that made uniquely beautiful and fun toys. I live in a small country town in Northern NSW and all we have here is large chain stores to buy products made by other huge companies. I had the thought that, generally, toys today lack the soul and love in the designs that in years past were always a key ingredient. At O.B. Designs, Leesa and I make sure every item we put our brand name on comes from a place of love and good intention.

Kate and her business partner Leesa with some of their fab creations

Kate and Leesa developing products ‘with love’ in their studio

What can’t you live without?
I can’t live without my family. They are my life’s purpose. Oh and, of course, an epic Red Wine is always a bonus.

Kate and her family on a recent trip to the USA. Kate says “We were on the beach in Santa Barbara. Evie (my eldest) was sooky cause she wanted to play at the park and not do the family picture thing. We love it because it is how we were that day.”

Do you have a favourite blog/s?
Little Lovely never disappoints. I love the inspiring creations mums all over the world are doing right now!   Babyccino is great for keeping an eye on international kid’s designers.
I also hear through the grapevine there is a new up and coming called Rudy and the Dodo…. It is supposed to be terribly FABULOUS!!

How do you like to spend your spare time?
I love to cook food, hopefully, grown in our garden, surfing /exercising along the gorgeous coast here in Northern NSW & international travel.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully, living for a while back in my home country of the USA. I have not lived there for over 10 years now!

What is your favourite quote?
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Laozi

Where can we find you?
our website
our facebook page

If you’d like to see more of the range – check out the quirky ding-a-rings, heart felt creations, flipity flop rainbow balls and the all new sensory teethers.   Tune into their facebook page and ours for new of amazing new goodies on the way in the coming weeks!

easy lovin …

Want to share the love with your little one?  I have put together a collection of my favourite lovey dovey creative ideas – hope you love them too!

Cut out hearts from tissue or silk paper (or whatever paper you love), add string to each one and attach them to a dowel rod or tape straight onto the window frame as they have done here.  So pretty when the light shines in …

To create this little bunch of love, cut out various sizes of hearts in different papers, glue together, add a pipe cleaner stem and place into plasticine inside a decorated loo roll vase!  Voila!

courtesy of

This little felt creation is a bit trickier but if you follow the visual instructions you will find your way to a lovely little Christmas decoration, or just a reminder of love.

Need a cute card to add to all these little treasures you and your little one have made?  Check out this one!  All you need is some paper or card, a hand and some scissors!  Easy peasy.

And one last little picture I just loved and had to share …

power to the (wooden) people

I love wooden people.

We have them dotted all through our little home, just because they make me smile.  Some of them we painted ourselves, some of them we bought from other clever people who painted them for us.  Some are not painted at all (the nuddy!), but we love them all equally.

Here are my favourites;

image courtesy Beneath The Rowan Tree on

courtesy of

image courtesy of mooshoopork on etsy

image courtesy of little grey fox (you’ll find a handy tutorial there too!)

If you are inspired to make your own but not quite sure where to start, check out this fab kit from seedling new zealand.  It comes complete with everything you need!

And another old favourite is this German wooden family – each person is made up of three magnetic pieces that can be mixed to make crazy people, or matched to make the “proper” character.  Gorgeous.

So whether you take the short cut (here’s one we prepared earlier) or the ‘make your own’ option, we hope you enjoy some new little wooden members of your family.  Send us your photos!