gorgeous butterfly suncatcher

Growing up, I always LOVED a sun catcher. I loved making them and watching the light then hit them on my bedroom window. So I was terribly excited to come across this butterfly design on stunning UK blog minieco.co.uk

Step 1 Cut a butterfly shape out of a black sheet of paper. If you are not that confident with drawing you can download a template here. (You should be able to print this on black paper and still see the lines.)

Step 2 Using a light coloured pencil-crayon draw shapes onto the wings of the butterfly (if you use the printable template you can skip this bit). Then using a pair of scissors, or a craft, knife cut out the shapes. Most kids will probably need a hand with this step.

Step 3 Get your squares of tissue paper and tear them into strips. You can choose any colours you want but bright colours work best!

Step 4 Get your glue-stick and apply some glue to the wing of the butterfly and then stick the strips across the wing. Don’t worry if the tissue paper overlaps, you can actually create some really interesting effects by layering it in this way. Make sure you lift the butterfly up every now and again, just to make sure it isn’t stuck to your work-surface!

Step 5 Turn your butterfly over and trim the paper strips so that they are level with the outside edge.

Ta-da… Stick your butterfly to a window…

Top Tip: To get kids more involved with the cutting stage let them make the holes in the wings using craft punches, or even a hole-punch.

Thanks mini eco.  You rock.


2 thoughts on “gorgeous butterfly suncatcher

  1. What a great idea! Can already imagine all sorts of colourful shapes you can do with it 🙂
    Will be giving it a try… maybe for a Xmas postcard. What do you think?

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