introduction to origami (the easy way)

Despite my love for all things creative, some days I am not so inspired. Yesterday was one of those days.  I didn’t feel too well but my little ones were still running at 100% and needed to be entertained!

Amongst other things, my eldest wanted me to make ‘chatterboxes’ with him.

It’s times like this I LOVE pre-prepared kits, like this ‘Introduction to Origami’ kit by our fave French brand Djeco.

The pack includes loads of gorgeous papers (enough to make 24 chatterboxes) and easy instructions (thankfully, because my foggy brain couldn’t even remember where to start).

After all the folding, the last step is to add stickers (more than 150 included in the pack) featuring various funny challenges like ‘touch your nose with your foot’ (um, I couldn’t do it!), ‘imitate the invisible man’ (very tricky), ‘talk to a door’ (we chatted for ages, much to the boys’ delight!) and lots more.

Once the chatterbox is completed, ask your friend (or Mum*) to give you a number.  For example if they say number 4, you open the chatterbox 4 times.  Then ask them to choose one of the triangles in the centre of the chatterbox to see which challenge is under it.  Your friend must then carry out the challenge.

The age recommendation is 5-10 years and my 7 year old just needed a kick start with the visual instructions then managed quite easily.   Definitely a winner as a ready-to-go option that will keep them occupied for hours.  Our little store has loads of great Djeco kits starting at just $9.95.

* You may need to do some stretches to help your toes reach your nose, and come up with some good conversation starters for all the doors at your place.





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