paying it forward – operation christmas child

We like to pay it forward whenever we can.  One of the ways we do this at Christmas time is by donating shoe boxes filled with goodies to Operation Christmas Child.

Our kids each have a shoe box and they choose what they would like to give a child in need overseas. They select whether the box goes to a girl or boy, and what age group they’d prefer to give to.  The organisation gives guidelines of what gifts are most suitable but generally something to love, something for school, something to help them create, something to wear and something to play with are winners.

Here’s a shot of some of our little boxes off to a new home.  For an additional few dollars you can track your box to see what country it lands in.

Apart from bringing smiles to lots of little faces overseas, this is a great reminder for our own little people of all that they have and how terribly lucky they really are.

October is collection month so there are only a few days left if you’d like to get involved!  You can check out your nearest drop off point here. x




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