introduction to origami (the easy way)

Despite my love for all things creative, some days I am not so inspired. Yesterday was one of those days.  I didn’t feel too well but my little ones were still running at 100% and needed to be entertained!

Amongst other things, my eldest wanted me to make ‘chatterboxes’ with him.

It’s times like this I LOVE pre-prepared kits, like this ‘Introduction to Origami’ kit by our fave French brand Djeco.

The pack includes loads of gorgeous papers (enough to make 24 chatterboxes) and easy instructions (thankfully, because my foggy brain couldn’t even remember where to start).

After all the folding, the last step is to add stickers (more than 150 included in the pack) featuring various funny challenges like ‘touch your nose with your foot’ (um, I couldn’t do it!), ‘imitate the invisible man’ (very tricky), ‘talk to a door’ (we chatted for ages, much to the boys’ delight!) and lots more.

Once the chatterbox is completed, ask your friend (or Mum*) to give you a number.  For example if they say number 4, you open the chatterbox 4 times.  Then ask them to choose one of the triangles in the centre of the chatterbox to see which challenge is under it.  Your friend must then carry out the challenge.

The age recommendation is 5-10 years and my 7 year old just needed a kick start with the visual instructions then managed quite easily.   Definitely a winner as a ready-to-go option that will keep them occupied for hours.  Our little store has loads of great Djeco kits starting at just $9.95.

* You may need to do some stretches to help your toes reach your nose, and come up with some good conversation starters for all the doors at your place.




meet a mama – simone from hip little one

Gorgeous mama of 3, soon to be 4, Simone started Hip Little One in 2009 as a gateway for businesses to share their fabulous stores or products and for parents to find out all about these great companies. Readers and businesses from all over the world can now get together in one spot: Hip Little One is where businesses and parents meet!

Tell us a bit about you, fabulous you!
I am Simone, I am 29 years old and live in Adelaide with my little (big?) family. Six years ago I left my home country, The Netherlands, to marry my Australian hubby. I have no regrets about the move although I do get very homesick at times. Luckily I have a wonderful hubby who knows how to cheer me up – usually some traditional Dutch food will do the trick.

I am proud mama to twins Tommie and Olivia (4 years old) and Juliet (2 years old) and next year another little munchkin will be joining our family. As you can imagine we have a very busy household but, above all, it is lots of fun! We live in a lovely house that needs plenty of work done to it.  We just need to find the time for all that work but one can always dream.

Who inspires you?
My husband and children.  I love seeing them happy and my heart melts when the kids say ‘You’re my friend mummy’. I often try to be a supermum and want to do extraordinary things, but I have learnt that you can make them happy with the smallest things. They inspire me every day to make the most of it and enjoy the little things in life.

What can’t you live without?
I hate to say it but definitely my computer.   Not to check up on Facebook or blog but because it helps me to stay in touch with my family back home. Every Saturday we talk to my parents on Skype and every call, email and message is very welcome. It means so much to me that they can still ‘see’ the children grow up and get to know their personalities even though we are so far away.

Do you have a favourite blog/s?
The blog I spent most time on is (obviously) my own blog Hip Little One so that is my blog baby. But my favourite blog to read is by far Retro Mummy. Corrie is an amazing mum of five including twins that are the same age as my twins, so I love reading what her family is up to and looking at her pictures. Don’t read her blog if you are on a diet because Corrie is a real talent in the kitchen, she is always sharing delicious recipes that make you want to run into the kitchen and try them yourself.

How do you like to spend your spare time?
If I have any spare time!  I really wish I had more of it as I love sitting down with a good book. In my ideal world it would also involve hours of soaking in the bath but sadly we don’t have one so instead I go for the couch with warm blanket in front of the fireplace. I also loving going out for the day with my family to visit the beach, watch the kids play and eat yummy food.

Best time saving or sanity saving idea/tip for mamas?
As a mum of (soon to be) 4 kids under 4.5 years old, I am all for time saving and could do with some sanity saving tips myself.  I find I can save precious time on cooking by using the slow cooker, this allows me to keep the afternoon free to play with the kids. They are usually most challenging at the end of the day so I try to get out of the house and wear them out, that will make them sleep extra well and is healthy too. I am also very grateful for our gigantic shower as I can easily shower all three kids in there with plenty of room to spare.  One of us does the washing and the other the drying.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
This is a very tricky one, I really don’t know! Life has a habit of taking funny twists and turns so it is hard to predict. I would LOVE to make the move to the country but I don’t think we are brave enough. I could see ourselves living in an old country house that needs doing up, and our beautiful kids enjoying the outdoors with animals and a massive garden to play in. Either way, all that matters is that my family is happy and healthy.

Where can we find you?
You can always find me on my blog or follow me on Facebook or Twitter

gorgeous butterfly suncatcher

Growing up, I always LOVED a sun catcher. I loved making them and watching the light then hit them on my bedroom window. So I was terribly excited to come across this butterfly design on stunning UK blog

Step 1 Cut a butterfly shape out of a black sheet of paper. If you are not that confident with drawing you can download a template here. (You should be able to print this on black paper and still see the lines.)

Step 2 Using a light coloured pencil-crayon draw shapes onto the wings of the butterfly (if you use the printable template you can skip this bit). Then using a pair of scissors, or a craft, knife cut out the shapes. Most kids will probably need a hand with this step.

Step 3 Get your squares of tissue paper and tear them into strips. You can choose any colours you want but bright colours work best!

Step 4 Get your glue-stick and apply some glue to the wing of the butterfly and then stick the strips across the wing. Don’t worry if the tissue paper overlaps, you can actually create some really interesting effects by layering it in this way. Make sure you lift the butterfly up every now and again, just to make sure it isn’t stuck to your work-surface!

Step 5 Turn your butterfly over and trim the paper strips so that they are level with the outside edge.

Ta-da… Stick your butterfly to a window…

Top Tip: To get kids more involved with the cutting stage let them make the holes in the wings using craft punches, or even a hole-punch.

Thanks mini eco.  You rock.

colouring in fun

Few things make my heart sing more than colouring in with my kids.  It truly is one of my favourite past times.  Much to my delight, my 2 year old has just started showing lots of interest in colouring, so he and my middle sized have spent the day tucked in out of the rain and adding colour to the quirky illustrations from the fabulous scrufnuts colouring books.

It’s looking like an unusually cold and wet weekend ahead for many of us so I thought I’d share a few of our favourite colouring pages.  If you’d like to download them, simply click on the image and then print from the page.

courtesy of dover publications

Other stuff you might love …

french colouring book – polka dots

french colouring book – cuties

honeysticks beeswax crayons






craft express – clothes peg dragonflies

All you’ll need to whip up these little beauties is some wooden clothes pegs, textas or paint for the detail and some paper for the wings.  If you have “google eyes” in your craft collection then you can use those too!  Otherwise just use white paper with black texta.

You’ll need to help little ones cut out the wing shapes to attach to the peg, or you can draw them onto a sheet of paper and glue the painted peg to the paper (as seen below).

You can also add buttons, glitter or other details – whatever you have available!

Easy peasy.



meet a mama – cindy from luk beautifood

If ever there was a great example of a woman living what she loves, Cindy is it!

Cindy has been my big sister’s bestie since childhood so I have always looked up to her.  As a ‘grown up’ I continue to admire her as one of my business mentors and an absolute inspiration in many aspects of life beyond business.

Cindy gives back to “the sisterhood” by hosting monthly lunches to help motivate, guide and share with women in small business at The Table of Fabulousness.

She’s a dynamo, a doer and a fab mama.  You’ll love her too.  Here she is …

Tell us a bit about you, fabulous you!
I am a ‘mature mama’! Meaning I left having kids til just about the last moment possible – I had Karl (now nearly 6) at 39 & Ciara (now 4) at 41.  We won’t mention my gorgeous hubStar of 19 years is now in his 50’s.

We left the run late as I was previously known as the Bikkie Queen (not bikie) having created the gourmet biscuit brand Luken & May in the 90’s. After reaching over $5m in turnover within 5 years I unexpectedly sold (all good!) the business and took time off to recover, explore, be creative and get into babyland mindset. And we did the latter with with gusto!  We planned that after #2 popped out we would pack up house in Sydney, rent it out and live in France and barge the canals for 18 months!  We were totally immersed in babyland …our barge looked like a floating pre-school except there were no teachers….and lots of red wine, cheese and croissants!

Part of the planning process also involved me wanting to have another business as I knew I would need something to keep my mind active, provide independent income and be flexible enough to do from home so I was ‘always’ there.

My background is food science & nutrition and commercial cooking . So now, after years in development, I have just (last week!) launched ‘luk beautifood – be delicious inside and out.

luk beautifood is a modern, online boutique beauty business mixing FOOD + BEAUTY. We (me) harnesses the natural, delicious and nutritious actives in healthy food to create a menu of delicious Lip Nourish creme-soft demi lip colours to nourish, hydrate and protect your lips.  Much of what goes on your lips is absorbed or ingested when you eat or lick your lips. Luk sees sense in using natural, good for you foods fused with beauty and nutrition to get the best results. To support the luk philosophy of “beauty-from-food” I created the beauty kitchen to provide a ‘simple recipe for beauty wellbeing’. Here, inspiring information is diced up on beauty-full ingredients and how they affect your skin (wrinkles, dryness, inflammation). There are fabulous recipes, cooking demo’s (coming) and a ‘Table of Deliciousness’ where I dish up a plate full of passion to show you how you really can ‘eat yourself beautiful’.

Who inspires you?
All the mums that work their butt off being mother, lover, business woman, friend, nurse, you name it. But one woman in particular who inspired me to go from babyland back into businessland was Julia Bickerstaff of The Business Bakery. The world had moved on rapidly in the 5 years I had ‘disappeared’ and it was her I stumbled across whilst I started to blog about my experience of getting back in the saddle by sharing my WIP business plan for Luk beautifood. I set out to meet her…and the rest is history (we now meet monthly on the Table of Fabulousness!

What can’t you live without?
Health & Happiness –  my family, good food and doing what I love.

Do you have a favourite blog/s?
Where do I start? Top 3 over the last year are:
Lee at Supercharged Food
Julia at The Business Bakery
Pia Jane Bijkerk

How do you like to spend your spare time (if you have any)?
Doing things I love with those I love (or by myself) – mostly outdoorsy things, fresh air, natural inspiration, creative. Simple stuff, bush walks, bike rides, pottering in my kitchen garden, doing craft things with the kids + COOKING.

Best time saving or sanity saving idea/tip for mamas?
Have an organised laundry: 3 tubs on wheels for whites, colours and darks. Train the family to use them. Throw a load in the washer most afternoons  whilst cooking dinner – set for 11pm (cheaper power) so it is ready to hang out before breakfast the next day. Always fold it as soon as you get it in. Takes away the pain.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In a (luxury) campervan with the family travelling around Australia for a year…..whilst my business runs itself!

What is your favourite quote?
I have three …
“live the life you love”
“what you eat today walks and talks tomorrow”
“never look back on life and wish you had done…..’

Where can we find you?
Website (includes beauty kitchen blog)
Linked In

To celebrate the launch of this delicious new range (available at rudy and the dodo), 3 of you lucky ducks will each win a Lip Nourish valued at $24.95 each.  All you have to do is comment below to tell us your favourite colour/ flavour (pictured).  If you also register to follow our blog, you’ll double your chances!

(Competition open to Australian residents only.  One winner will be drawn per week over the next 3 weeks via

craft express – fingerprint art

All you’ll need for these little cuties is a stamp pad, some fingers and a pen to add detail. If you want to get a bit fancy you can add snazzy paper like the fox’s ears below. Easy peasy.

All images courtesy of Pinterest.