colouring in fun

Few things make my heart sing more than colouring in with my kids.  It truly is one of my favourite past times.  Much to my delight, my 2 year old has just started showing lots of interest in colouring, so he and my middle sized have spent the day tucked in out of the rain and adding colour to the quirky illustrations from the fabulous scrufnuts colouring books.

It’s looking like an unusually cold and wet weekend ahead for many of us so I thought I’d share a few of our favourite colouring pages.  If you’d like to download them, simply click on the image and then print from the page.

courtesy of dover publications

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french colouring book – polka dots

french colouring book – cuties

honeysticks beeswax crayons






craft express – clothes peg dragonflies

All you’ll need to whip up these little beauties is some wooden clothes pegs, textas or paint for the detail and some paper for the wings.  If you have “google eyes” in your craft collection then you can use those too!  Otherwise just use white paper with black texta.

You’ll need to help little ones cut out the wing shapes to attach to the peg, or you can draw them onto a sheet of paper and glue the painted peg to the paper (as seen below).

You can also add buttons, glitter or other details – whatever you have available!

Easy peasy.



meet a mama – cindy from luk beautifood

If ever there was a great example of a woman living what she loves, Cindy is it!

Cindy has been my big sister’s bestie since childhood so I have always looked up to her.  As a ‘grown up’ I continue to admire her as one of my business mentors and an absolute inspiration in many aspects of life beyond business.

Cindy gives back to “the sisterhood” by hosting monthly lunches to help motivate, guide and share with women in small business at The Table of Fabulousness.

She’s a dynamo, a doer and a fab mama.  You’ll love her too.  Here she is …

Tell us a bit about you, fabulous you!
I am a ‘mature mama’! Meaning I left having kids til just about the last moment possible – I had Karl (now nearly 6) at 39 & Ciara (now 4) at 41.  We won’t mention my gorgeous hubStar of 19 years is now in his 50’s.

We left the run late as I was previously known as the Bikkie Queen (not bikie) having created the gourmet biscuit brand Luken & May in the 90’s. After reaching over $5m in turnover within 5 years I unexpectedly sold (all good!) the business and took time off to recover, explore, be creative and get into babyland mindset. And we did the latter with with gusto!  We planned that after #2 popped out we would pack up house in Sydney, rent it out and live in France and barge the canals for 18 months!  We were totally immersed in babyland …our barge looked like a floating pre-school except there were no teachers….and lots of red wine, cheese and croissants!

Part of the planning process also involved me wanting to have another business as I knew I would need something to keep my mind active, provide independent income and be flexible enough to do from home so I was ‘always’ there.

My background is food science & nutrition and commercial cooking . So now, after years in development, I have just (last week!) launched ‘luk beautifood – be delicious inside and out.

luk beautifood is a modern, online boutique beauty business mixing FOOD + BEAUTY. We (me) harnesses the natural, delicious and nutritious actives in healthy food to create a menu of delicious Lip Nourish creme-soft demi lip colours to nourish, hydrate and protect your lips.  Much of what goes on your lips is absorbed or ingested when you eat or lick your lips. Luk sees sense in using natural, good for you foods fused with beauty and nutrition to get the best results. To support the luk philosophy of “beauty-from-food” I created the beauty kitchen to provide a ‘simple recipe for beauty wellbeing’. Here, inspiring information is diced up on beauty-full ingredients and how they affect your skin (wrinkles, dryness, inflammation). There are fabulous recipes, cooking demo’s (coming) and a ‘Table of Deliciousness’ where I dish up a plate full of passion to show you how you really can ‘eat yourself beautiful’.

Who inspires you?
All the mums that work their butt off being mother, lover, business woman, friend, nurse, you name it. But one woman in particular who inspired me to go from babyland back into businessland was Julia Bickerstaff of The Business Bakery. The world had moved on rapidly in the 5 years I had ‘disappeared’ and it was her I stumbled across whilst I started to blog about my experience of getting back in the saddle by sharing my WIP business plan for Luk beautifood. I set out to meet her…and the rest is history (we now meet monthly on the Table of Fabulousness!

What can’t you live without?
Health & Happiness –  my family, good food and doing what I love.

Do you have a favourite blog/s?
Where do I start? Top 3 over the last year are:
Lee at Supercharged Food
Julia at The Business Bakery
Pia Jane Bijkerk

How do you like to spend your spare time (if you have any)?
Doing things I love with those I love (or by myself) – mostly outdoorsy things, fresh air, natural inspiration, creative. Simple stuff, bush walks, bike rides, pottering in my kitchen garden, doing craft things with the kids + COOKING.

Best time saving or sanity saving idea/tip for mamas?
Have an organised laundry: 3 tubs on wheels for whites, colours and darks. Train the family to use them. Throw a load in the washer most afternoons  whilst cooking dinner – set for 11pm (cheaper power) so it is ready to hang out before breakfast the next day. Always fold it as soon as you get it in. Takes away the pain.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In a (luxury) campervan with the family travelling around Australia for a year…..whilst my business runs itself!

What is your favourite quote?
I have three …
“live the life you love”
“what you eat today walks and talks tomorrow”
“never look back on life and wish you had done…..’

Where can we find you?
Website (includes beauty kitchen blog)
Linked In

To celebrate the launch of this delicious new range (available at rudy and the dodo), 3 of you lucky ducks will each win a Lip Nourish valued at $24.95 each.  All you have to do is comment below to tell us your favourite colour/ flavour (pictured).  If you also register to follow our blog, you’ll double your chances!

(Competition open to Australian residents only.  One winner will be drawn per week over the next 3 weeks via

craft express – fingerprint art

All you’ll need for these little cuties is a stamp pad, some fingers and a pen to add detail. If you want to get a bit fancy you can add snazzy paper like the fox’s ears below. Easy peasy.

All images courtesy of Pinterest.

finding my sense of wonder

Driving to the supermarket with my ‘middle sized’ in the back seat yesterday, his little voice asked “Mum, can we go for a walk on the beach?”

Normally my response would be “Next time honey” because we’d be rushing from A to B, however yesterday I chose to say “Yes”.

Just the two of us, holding hands, collecting shells and watching kite surfers.  The wind was craa-aaazy so they were the only people on the beach apart from us!

Instead of walking the supermarket aisles we climbed sand dunes, made footprints and chased shadows on the sand.  And we ran really, really fast straight into the wind.  The look on his beaming, beautiful face said it all.

It was only half an hour but it filled our souls and left us with that ‘summer is just around the corner’ feeling.

The groceries still got done eventually and the world just kept on turning.  A great little reminder to stop and smell the roses (or the sea air, country air, whatever it might be for you) and to choose to say yes instead of no a little more often.

craft express – leaf art

Collect leaves and or flowers of all shapes and sizes.  Dry for a few days between the pages of a heavy book or in a flower press.  If you don’t have time for the drying process, green leaves will also work however may not sit quite as flat on the page.

Play around with the shapes of the leaves until you find a design that works.  Glue leaves into place and add details such as eyes, arms or legs.  For older kids you can also introduce the writing element to this activity.

And here is the not-so-express version … just in case you want to fill in the afternoon.  How fabulous do these look?  Love.

stuff we love – kast van een huis

I have admired these cupboards for some time now and thought you might all love them too.  They were designed by Marie-Louise Groot of The Ever-So-Stylish-Netherlands brand Kast Van Een Huis when she was decorating her nursery and could not find shelves or cupboards she liked.

Marie created unique facades that hide shelves and hanging space inside.

A room can be converted to a whimsical small town whilst remaining practical. You’ve got to love that!

Here’s where you can buy them in Australia.

diy nature scavenger hunt game

I have lots of clever clogs friends.  One of them is Jo.  She throws the best kids parties with games, craft, themed food and activities she has researched for months.

She’s probably done 99% of the craft activities I have listed on here along with a bazillion she has found on pinterest.  She is a doer.

So when we arranged to meet at the park for a play date this week it should not have been any great surprise that she rocked up with a homemade scavenger hunt game for the kids. 

Between us we had eight boys (aged from 2 to 9) and one little girl aged 3.  We all played.  We all loved it.

To play you need a list of goodies to find for each player.  Super Jo personalised ours for each child, (of course!) but this is optional.  You can make the lists the same for everyone, or tailor make them to be more age appropriate or even include images rather than words for pre-schoolers.  Toddlers will need adult supervision and assistance.


To collect the listed items we used brown paper lunch bags but a basket, backpack or any other kind of bag would be fine.


Allocate a certain amount of time, half an hour is great, for everyone to collect as many items on the list as possible.   Everyone then gathers around to show off their treasures. The winner is the one with the most treasures in their bag. 


This game is soooo simple and so much fun.  We LOVE that it gets the kids outdoors but it can be modified for indoor play in case of rain.  Happy days.

craft express – foil me a river

This will only take a sec!  Grab your roll of aluminium foil, let the kids unroll a loooooong strip, shape it to accommodate a stream of water, add kids and some small boats, animals or cars and off you go!  Easy peasy.

image courtesy of