win this fab bunny night light

As promised we are going to giveaway some of our favourite things (you know, just like Oprah!) each week leading up to Christmas.

This little bunny night light is one of our most popular goodies in store so we thought it would be a hit with you all.

Looking like it just hopped straight from a vintage storybook it looks so cosy at night all lit up! It uses LED, so there is no need for messy cables.

Just let us know who you’d like to win it for, and why, by commenting below.  Winner will be drawn by on Sunday 2 December at 8pm EST and will be announced here on the blog.  Open to Australian residents only.

Good luck!


craft express – animal silhouettes

This little activity is soooo easy yet so effective.  All you need to do is google “images of ____ silhouettes”, find what you love (it could be anything, not limited to animals), print in desired size and cut out. Trace on back of scrapbook paper, cool wrapping paper or even vintage wallpaper and cut out again. Frame, and voila!

play time – too cool for school

It’s not quite summer yet but we’ve had a few scorching days here already.  So
we are loving these fabulous ideas with ice that are sure to keep the kids
entertained and focussed for hours, all whilst staying cool.

Freeze balloons filled with water and small toys. Cut balloon off and play with eggs outside. Provide spoons for cracking ice and digging treasures out. 

This is the same concept on a larger scale!  Fill a large tray with plastic animals, dinosaurs or whatever your little one is into!  Freeze, then watch them dig away for hours to release the treasure. 

Images courtesy of; (big ice cube)  (eggs)

win this wooden laptop blackboard

We are feeling festive so thought it would be kinda nice to giveaway some of our favourite things (you know, just like Oprah!) each week leading up to Christmas.

How grown up would the little one in your life feel ‘working’ like mummy or daddy on this fabulous wooden laptop blackboard?

Just let us know who you’d like to win it for, and why, by commenting below.  Winner will be drawn by on Sunday 25 November at 8pm EST and will be announced here on the blog.  Open to Australian residents only.

Good luck!

meet a mama – karen from glottogon

Karen is the founder of fab Sydney company Glottogon (Glo-tog-uh-nn (noun) from Greek meaning “tongue, language” and “generation”) who design and produce the most delightful range of puzzles books and activity cards you ever did see. (You can find them in our little store now!).  In the meantime, here’s Karen …

Tell us a bit about you, fabulous you!
I am Karen; Scottish by birth – although I sound as if I have never left and I am certain the accent will be with me forever!

I have lived in Sydney since 2004, I’m married to Sam and we have a little girl and baby boy – Ollie 3 & Dims 9 months.

Life is hectic, fun and very (VERY!) noisy – which we think is wonderful and thankfully our neighbors are generally supportive.

Who inspires you?
On a day to day basis, the team of illustrators and designers who work on our Glottogon products.  They take all my garbled ideas, sketches and madness then turn it all into beautiful, unique collections – amazing!

For always and forever, my parents.  They taught me to dream and I hope I can pass that passion on to my children. Dreams are without boundaries, they grow as we do and we should all be helped to reach for them.

What can’t you live without?
Apart from Sam and the kids I think I would need to say my laptop.  I miss it when it’s not beside me.  When it’s in another room I start to get anxious in case I miss something!

Do you have a favourite blog/s?
Lots …however to list just 3

Life In A Pink Fibro

How do you like to spend your spare time?
Trying to find some!  When I can, I flip/read/scan through every magazine I can lay my hands on.  I LOVE glossy magazines, always have, ever since I was a teenager – I have been known to intently pore over junk mail pullouts if the pictures look good.  There is something quite addictive about hearing the pages turn, reading the featured stories, and then there are the fashion shoots.

Magazines are even better than my laptop, I think, which means I am showing my age. I can sound very last century sometimes!

Best time saving or sanity saving idea/tip for mamas?
Online shopping – why push the supermarket trolley when it can be delivered to you?!?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
My life has changed so much in the last 5 years I truly cannot imagine the next 5. Simply, I wish that our home is still full of happy, mayhem and that business is good enough that I can indulge in every magazine on this planet!

What is your favourite quote?
All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them – Walt Disney

Where can we find you?

pay it forward – kmart wishing tree / salvos appeal

One of the charities we always support at Christmas time is the Kmart Wishing Tree /Salvos Appeal who help assist families in need over the festive period by, amongst other things, collecting donations and gifts for family members who may otherwise go without.

If you also like to support them and would like to purchase your gift from our little store, just shop as usual then use the promotion code WISHES on check out so you dont pay any delivery fee.  Be sure to include a gift message if you’d like one included.

We will gift wrap it, add in a little extra gift from us, and deliver it to our local Kmart store for you.  We’ll be doing deliveries weekly up until Christmas and will post photos here for you all to see.

There is no minimum order and no limit on the number of gifts we will wrap for you.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy. x


craft express – peg christmas trees

Look what we made today …

Using this stuff …

All you will need are some old boxes (any cardboard would do), a few little gems from the craft box (think pom poms, glitter, confetti, star stickers) and some wooden pegs.

Simply cut out* cardboard triangles (you can get a bit fancy here if you like), colour in or paint, glue on decorations of your choice and clip wooden peg to the bottom.

* Obviously littler ones would need assistance with cutting out but the rest is manageable for any age from toddlers to grown ups.


craft express – loo roll snakes

We know you love some loo roll craft as much as we do so here is another fab idea to use up all those rolls!

Follow this tutorial to whip up your own googly eyed darlings, just like these.



building cardboard houses

Imagine how much fun your little ones could have building a decorating their own cardboard box house, just like this one?

Grab some of your recycling, some glue and your imaginations.  If you want more inspiration you can follow these guidelines.

Happy building! x