win this fab bunny night light

As promised we are going to giveaway some of our favourite things (you know, just like Oprah!) each week leading up to Christmas.

This little bunny night light is one of our most popular goodies in store so we thought it would be a hit with you all.

Looking like it just hopped straight from a vintage storybook it looks so cosy at night all lit up! It uses LED, so there is no need for messy cables.

Just let us know who you’d like to win it for, and why, by commenting below.  Winner will be drawn by on Sunday 2 December at 8pm EST and will be announced here on the blog.  Open to Australian residents only.

Good luck!


107 thoughts on “win this fab bunny night light

  1. I would like to win this for my 5 year old niece Georgia. She is scared of the dark so at the moment a lamp is left on for her. Her favourite book is ‘Guess how much I love you’ which tells the tale of two rabbits declaring their family love for each other and is read to her every night. I am hoping that by swapping lamps and her associating the story to the lamp that she may feel more secure in her room. Thank you

  2. so cute! I would love to win this for my babies new nursery..he has just moved in to his own room and it’s look very plain and boring!

  3. I would love to win the night light for my daughter who is 15 months old as she loves animals and this would help her sleep through the night in her own room x

  4. I’d love to win this for my little daughter. She loves bunny rabbits, and needs a nightlight for her room so this would be perfect!

  5. I would love to win this for Miss 6 because I think she is going to be very jealous when Miss 3 gets it for Christmas (I bought it from Rudy and the Dodo last Friday…excitedly waiting it’s arrival)

  6. I would love to win this cute bunny for my nieces new room, she is a little scared of the dark and i think this bunny will help her get off to sleep at night!

  7. I would love to win this for my 3 year old daughter who is currently scared of the dark – and has to sleep with her door wide open and the hall way light on! Im sure this would fit perfectly in her room and help her settle off to sleep!

  8. I have wanted one of these for ages for miss 2 and a half as she loves rabbits and this would look so gorgeous in her room.What a great giveaway!

  9. My 2 year old daughter would love this in her room. She is in love with the bunnies that roam our street (yes, even in Sydney!) and would be so excited to have one of her own!

  10. My lil miss Quinn would just squeal if she had this little bunny!!! She takes so much pride in her room and this would look perfect next to all her treasures !!!

  11. If I won this gorgeous bunny night light, I would give it to my 2.5yr old daughter because we live in a “no pets” rental & I can’t get her a real one for her. Not fun. I always wanted a bunny as a pet (still do) but I grew up in Queensland where it was illegal to keep rabbits as pets (back in the 80’s, that is). This night light would be the next best thing & maybe even better, as no care or cleaning up required!

  12. I would love to win it for my beautiful new grandson and my gorgeous daughter who only commented the other day that it she must get a light for his room so she can see when feeding at night.

  13. I would love to win this for my almost 2 year old (in 3 weeks) Jett, hoping it might help him sleep through the whole night

  14. I would love to win the lamp for my six year old son, Noah, who is afraid of being alone in his room at night. Gorgeous bunny might keep him company

  15. I would love to win this for my two little nieces who love all kinds of animals, alive or not! They are shortly to move to a different part of the country and this would likely to upset their world, for a while anyway and this lovely bunny would surely help them settle into their new place.

  16. My beautiful, very spirited granddaughter Chloe who is 4 on Christmas Eve, all of a sudden, won’t sleep in her bedroom, which is pretty and decorated for little girls.
    Her and her family live in a tiny town, with hills all around, she is scared of foxes in the hills, this bunny night light would be great for her to look at while she falls asleep, she also has a real bunny, which she loves. Thank you x

  17. This bunny light would be fantastic for my 3year old daughter Maisie. She wakes during the night wanting some light to ‘see’ . She also wakes at the crack of dawn and exciams look its morning time! Maybe I could teach her it’s not morning time until the special bunny light goes off!

  18. I would love to win it for my little boy Elliot who wakes up scared in the dark and we have to leave the hallway light on for him.

  19. My little 5 month old boy Robbie loves looking at his Goodnight Bear light that we have on my bedside table for dream feeds, I could see him being mesmerised by the gorgeous bunny light as well. It will be great for when I finally have to move him to his own room.

  20. I would love to win this for my daughter – who would love to hop into bed and have this Bunny sitting on the bedside table. It would look extra sweet in her whimsical woodland themed room.

  21. I would love to ein in for my 6 month old son… We are about to move into a new house so I would love it so I could set up his room… He has been in my room up till now so he hasnt had a room
    Of his own yet… And this bunny light is soooo cute xx

  22. This is just gorgeous! I remember having one as a little girl and was devastated when it blew up! I’d love one for myself! However, my little niece would be hopping for joy to have one!

  23. I would love to win this for my daughter, Alexandria. This beautiful little light looks just like something from a storybook or fairytale, and Alex is my very own little princess 🙂

  24. I would love to win this for my little girl-she LOVES bunny rabbits! And this would make a sweet addition to her ‘side’ of the room shared with big bro…it’s also something I’ve always wanted!! 🙂 Double the JOY!

  25. Would love to win one for daughter, Mia. I know she would want to sleep in her big bed every night with this gorgeous lamp beside her bed (and maybe give me a good night sleep without the usual kick in the back 🙂

  26. I would like to win this for my baby daughters room, i was just telling her Nannie, how i would love to get her one of these lights, they are super cute and perfect for a little girls room.

  27. I would love to win this for little Miss 2 who has moved into a big bed but is scared to be in her room in the dark so ends up in my bed EVERY night! This may just be the thing to keep her in her bed!

  28. I would like to win it for my daughter Eloise. She is Autistic and so very fearful of the dark. I have not found a nightlight as yet that has allowed her to fall asleep calmly. I feel this bunny should do the trick. She loves rabbits.

  29. I would absolutely love to win this amazing lamp for my 6 month old little princess Lina. She has just moved from sleeping in her bassinet to sleeping in the cot and this lamp would be her first piece of bedroom ‘furniture’ as everything else has been ‘hand me down’ from her big brother.

  30. Love! Have had my eye on this sweet little rabbit for my almost 4 year old’s bedroom. He likes to have a buddy to keep him company overnight (and to help him find the bathroom) 🙂

  31. Me me me , I want it for myself. Kidding! my 3 year old girl would be smitten with this darling light. I adore it too though and who doesn’t love buying stuff for their kids that they secretly love too!

  32. This oh so cute bunny light would be the perfect night light and friend for my 20 month old, who has just started to be a little bit scared of the night :/ 🙂

  33. I just bought one last week for my Miss 2 & would love to win one to give to her best friend for Xmas (they are both a bit scared of the dark at the moment) 🙂

  34. I’d love to spoil my very first niece or nephew with their own super cool and super funky bunny lamp, especially when they are due at Easter next year!!!!

  35. Please help me to spoil my little angel and light up her world with a bunny fit for any little ladies magical wonderland.

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