We told you we were just like Oprah around here.  Yep, this week we are giving away A NEEEEW CAAARRRRR!

Kids and parents alike will LOVE this timeless and classic “speedy le mans” racing car.

Designed in the UK, these stylish toys are over-engineered and made from heavy duty plastic. Through solid construction they have been designed for real play and made to last.

bb mini red 2

If you’d like to win A NEEEEW CAAARRRRR (valued at $34.95) just tell us who you’d like it for and why in the comments below.  The lucky winner will be drawn by on Monday 10th December at 10am EST and announced right here on the blog.

Good luck peeps!

bb mini red 4 back



66 thoughts on “win a NEEEEW CAAAAAR!

  1. Would love to say that I would like it for my son but I think my husband would love it a bit more. Now he misses out on getting toys at Christmas I’m sure he would love playing with his little buddy and this car for hours and hours 🙂

  2. Im due to have my 1st baby any day (and I think it is a boy) so I would love to win to give it to him! (tho I would love it even if it was a girl too), Why??? Cause it looks like a SUPER COOL car!

  3. Picked after her daddy, my 3-year old daughter is a real car junkie to the point that we have to bring her to indulge at the Sydney Motor Show. She would absolutely love this car, at least it is relative to her size 😉

  4. I’d love to win this fabulous car for my nephew Clarrie. He adores anything red, shiny and fast!!! What a perfect xmas gift for the most adorable rascal of a nephew : )

  5. I would love one of these fabulous cars to put into my sons Christmas parcel, as this is his first Christmas I would love to make it as special as I can. Xx

  6. I would love to win this for Miss 2 as a reward for the toilet training progress she is making. She is one car obsessed little girl and makes all the noises for them too.

  7. I’d like this for my two and a half year old son. Like all boys his age, he is car/truck mad and I bet if you gave him 100 Christmas presents, and this was one of them, he’d just ignore the rest and sit down on the floor and play with this brilliant Red car, so very awesome. It would make his Christmas complete.

  8. I have two boys who are car obsessed! I think they came out making car noises, they would love this car they love racing cars together. It’s super fast race car as my eldest would say!

  9. I’d love to win this car for my car obsessed 2 year old…he is always saying ‘that’s cool!’ When he sees a nice car go by!

  10. I would love to win this for my son, he is car mad thanks to roary to racing car tv show. WOnderful product thanks for the opportunity to enter 🙂

  11. i’d love to win it for two little boys i know. because they are fabulous and have a lovely mum who must be finding it tough right now without their dad.

  12. My littlest man is the biggest car freak and loves to push them around on the mat. He can be there for hours, seriously! Can I please have another car for him to push around? I need some more quiet time… 😉

  13. I would love to win this for my little man (16 months old) – he is turning out to be a speed freak like his father…

  14. I’d like to win this for our neighbour – he and my son love playing together since they moved next door, even though they don’t speak the same language. I just know our neighbour would LOVE this car… he is a 4.5 year old car fanatic!

  15. I would like to win this for my car mad almost 2 year as big almost 3 and a half year old brother has all the cars. Being the little brother it would be nice for him to have a super cool one all to himself xxx

  16. Would love this for my son Xander: following on from his poppi, uncle and dad’s love of racing cars and formula 1 this makes the perfect first car for our 18mthold…will make a change from his sisters pink toys anyway 🙂

  17. There could be an argument on my hands if we were lucky enough to win so I would give this to my eldest son and buy his younger brother one too to keep everyone happy 🙂

  18. I would love to give it to my hubby, as like all blokes he wants a red ,fast, and sexy looking car, I think it fits all three,without the price tag of a real one, but I’m sure my daughter would love it as well !

  19. I’d love this for my son Connor- he’d love brooming it fast around the house. (I can hear it already- fast…fast…fast!!!

  20. My son would love this a lot. He is a big fan of Hot Wheels and he always concentrates on playing his little cars even I talk to him.

  21. My boys love anything with wheels (aged 4&6)… I don’t think they would let me give this to anyone outside the family!

  22. I’d love it for my one year old she loves to go vroom vroom as she pushed things around – daddy might like to play too

  23. My little man, who is mad on car’s would just love to treasure this, he wouldn’t play with it but admire it on his special shelf, he is only 4

  24. I have 2 girls (1 & 3) that would love this car, they dont have any ‘cars’ but they have been known to use their teaset cups as a replacement car, complete with brmm brmm. 😀

  25. My 1 year old son, Archie. He waves to every car he sees and gets so excited when he spots mummy’s car. I’ve been wanting to get him his first car and this one is perfect!

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