fab christmas idea #13

Just when you thought you’d seen all the Christmas tree ideas possible, here is another one courtesy of pinterest.  Just grab a bag of paper doilies (or cut out your own) and start sticking to the window in whatever pattern you fancy. Voila!

doily tree


2 thoughts on “fab christmas idea #13

  1. We have a crawler this year (our 5th actually) and I’d been contemplating how we’d keep the tree safe from him and vice versa. Now I know! We have white walls so I think I’ll get the older kids to cut out doilies from brightly coloured paper and make this tree on the loungeroom wall. Santa can simply place the pressies on the floor, around the base! Less mess (& cost) than the real thing too.

  2. Looks gorgeous!
    I don’t think they’re doilies, though. With the folding lies still visible, I bet they’re actually a variation of those paper snowflakes – just extremely intricate ones without pointy bits.
    By the way, I’m also in Australia (your mention of buying googly eyes from Woolies was a dead give-away). I just found your site this evening and love it.

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