meet a mama – martha from crave good food

Every month I meet with an amazing group of women at the Table of Fabulousness.  We are all women with our own businesses, most small, some not so small.  I’ve met some inspiring women along the way, women with get up and go and fabulous creative spirits.

One of them is Martha.  Martha is about to launch her new business so what better time and place to share her story (be sure to read right to the bottom and you just might win one of two fabulous prizes valued at $99 each – you can thank me later).

Before you meet Martha, here’s a bit about her biz …

Crave Good Food is an online destination for discovering delectable food produced by passionate independent food makers & producers from our local & regional communities.

Are you dreaming about that sweet vanilla fudge you tasted in Mudgee or the hand-made granola you had for breakfast in Bowral or craving for more of the artisan choc truffles you received from your Aunt in Tassie? 😉

Each month, Crave Good Food delivers to your door, a surprise Tasting Box of delicious full-sized products that reflect the passion & dedication of their food makers.  Guaranteed to satisfy!

Treat yourself to their tasty December box or better still, gift a Tasting Box experience to your foodie friends or employees for Christmas.

martha profile

Tell us a bit about you, fabulous you!
Hello – I’m Martha.  Seven years ago, I made a conscious decision to put the corporate career on hold to raise my two children – my cheeky Dean (71/2) & my little lady Stephanie (41/2).  I moved from Melbourne to Sydney to be with my hubby, Bill of 13 years.  We met on a Contiki tour, would you believe?  I’m a lapsed PR & Corporate Relations Pro who recently took a daring leap to start my online business.  The whole idea was to do something I’m super passionate about, that will add value to those I serve & keep me sane.  I also share my house with Ricky the English Staffie, Occy the blue Indian-ring neck & a tank full of pretty, fresh water fish.

martha kids

Who inspires you?
I get inspired by self-starters, motivational leaders & generally people that show compassion towards others.  But my true inspiration comes from the stories & experiences of my real friendships & great family.  It’s amazing what you learn when you connect & spend quality time with those that are dear to you – particularly those who are older & much wiser.  I have also benefited from the unconditional support & guidance of a mentor for over 20 years.  This priceless relationship has aided my career & self-development in so many ways that I feel it’s my duty to reach out & inspire others in return.

What can’t you live without?
I can’t live without my children’s hugs & ‘I love you’s’, family gatherings, deep sleep, Melbourne trips, tasty good food, my female friendships, lip gloss, my hubby’s sense of humour, faith & hope.  Oh, did I say mention good food 😉

martha crave food

Do you have a favourite blog/s?
I love blogs that are both visually beautiful & provide good content.  Some include Mastin Kipp’s The Daily Love, Marie Forleo, Absolutely Beautiful Things, The Business Bakery, Gourmet Traveller, Interiors Addict, Spoonflower, A Beautiful Mess, to name a few.

How do you like to spend your spare time?
Spare time?  Admittedly, I’m not great at ‘switching off’ & life is pretty full right now.  I’m content with little pleasures such as playing Scrabble on the iphone with friends, making time to actually listen & enjoy my kids’ company, girly dinner nights, quick cafe breaks between school runs, talking ‘foodie talk’ with my interstate sister-in-law, making my popular cheese triangles & web surfing blogs & articles. And sometimes, there’s no time for any of above too!

Best time saving or sanity saving idea/tip for mamas?
Don’t stress the small stuff.
Remember, you are not alone.
Let your kids take more responsibility around the house; their future partners will thank you for it.
Note to myself: stop worrying about what the kids will or won’t eat at the dinner table.  If they get hungry enough, they’ll eat anything!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully, healthy & happy, settled in Melbourne, with a thriving small business that allows me to make a little difference to someone’s day through my love of good food.

What is your favourite quote?
I have far too many favourites!  However, being a perfectionist, I often have to remind myself, that to make progress in work & in life, ‘good enough IS good enough’ or similarly ‘done is better than perfect.’  Only this week, did my fab web designer Melanie, hint to me the same advice via an on line article titled: “F**k it, ship it.”  I love people who say it as it is.

Where can we find you?
Website (officially launching later this week but you can order now through facebook)
Twitter: @cravegoodfood

Martha is generously giving away 2 of her fabulous tasting boxes – one for you and one for a foodie buddy!  That’s over $99 worth of foodie loveliness.  Thanks Martha!

Just tell us what ‘surprise’ gourmet delight you’d love to find in your tasting box, and why you’d like your foodie friend to receive one.  Add comments below and we’ll draw a lucky winner this Sunday night (16th December) at 8pm EST.  Open to Australian residents only.

martha crave box


38 thoughts on “meet a mama – martha from crave good food

  1. oooh Martha, lovely idea! I’d love to find Trentham Estate balsamic vinegar in the surprise box. And I’d love my friend Queenie to receive one as she’s always giving something to someone.
    Good luck Martha x

  2. Gingerbread men…I’d love my sister to be my foodie friend…she’s recently moved back to Sydney after 4+ years on aid projects in Nepal…a gourmet delight package would go along way this Christmas for her 🙂

  3. i would love to try truffles. i have seen them on tv with the pigs digging them up and also on master chef. that would be interesting. i think they are called truffles? i would love for my brother to have a hamper. he is into trying different foods. one day i cooked him a really interesting meal. it was horrible….

  4. I’d love to find any types of homemade jams or chutneys. Homemade delights like these are the best! I would share this with my dad as he is a true foodie and loves to try new things, especially when it comes to food.

  5. Chocolates, gingerbread, chocolates, raspberry jam, chocolates, and mango chutney (oh did I say chocolate …..especially chilli flavoured ha ha). I’d love my sister in law to receive one too as she gives me yummy produce from her garden and makes amazing things out of simple ingredients. I am in awe as I’m a recipe kinda girl.

    • Congratulations Lisa! Martha has very generously given us another two boxes and you have also been randomly selected as our second winner – one for you and one for your sister-in-law! YAY for you! Can you please email me your sister-in-law’s details so we can ship your fab tasting boxes ASAP. x

  6. I would say Blueberry jam that I tried at the Tocal Field Day. I tried it with scones and cream (of course) and it was simply divine, but I was then rushed off before I had a chance to buy a jar or at least find out exactly where it came from ……
    I would say my sister in law Faith, is who I would share this surprise with because she lives interstate, she’s a foodie and it would be an added topic to our phone conversations…. Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. Hi Martha,
    Anything with Salted Caramel in it as I’m a huge fan. Macaroons, popcorn, ice-cream, fudge…..
    I would love to share my foodie box with my friend Nicole as I think she would enjoy it as much as ME!!
    Good luck Martha. Wishing you every success in your business.

  8. Our own fantastic Haighs Chocolates. They have the best Rocky Road! I’d like to share one with my foodie best friend and sister Vicki. She is a huge foodie and fan of Haighs Chocolates too!

  9. My hubby and I met on Contiki too – 15 years ago in Europe! I followed him to NZ and now we’ve been married 14 years and have a 13 year old, 12 year old and 18 month old and live in Tassie. We are not buying each other Christmas gifts this year so to win this would be perfect! I CRAVE anything choc peanut (like peanut brittle and peanut butter cups or choc peanut fudge – yum!) and hubby has been known to drive for an hour trying to find what I’m craving! He’s a white chocolate lover so that would be a perfect surprise for him!

  10. Last Christmas I was given a gorgeous, gourmet hamper from my sister and her family. There was a box of chocolate covered strawberries in there which I have dreamed about since. The idea of choc strawberries didn’t excite me but the taste was amazing.
    So I’d return the favour and gift the foodie box to my sister (and she can enjoy it with hubby once the kids are in bed!) LOL

  11. Sweet tooth I am,
    From chocolate to strawberry jam!
    Thus my tasting box of gourmet delights,
    would be surrounded by delicious sweet bights!
    Gingerbread, chocolate and more chocolates galore,
    Is what I live for!
    To share with my favourite foodie of all time,
    My aunty, just Devine!

  12. Any type of chocolate in the box would make me happy!
    My partner in crime of loving chocolate would be my sister so I would love her to have a box too so I don’t have to share!!

  13. I am a single mum to 4 boys who all have autism. Each child has unusual food preferences such as one who only eats white food, another wont eat red meat, etc. By the time I have made each child their own foods I am too tired to cook anything creative for myself. I miss the experience of trying new flavours and products. I would love to try a nice salad dressing as it is my New Year’s resolution to add more vegies to my diet. My Mum would love a treat too.

  14. I would love to find anything sweet (particularly chocolate related or macarons!) as I’m always craving sweet things. I would love my daughter’s godmother to have a box as she is such a foodie and loves trying new things. She has done so much for my family and been so generous, that this would be a fun and yummy way to show her some gratitude.

  15. I’d love something totally unexpected and unknown so I can be wowed and then wow my friends and family with a new taste sensation. I’d love Helga to get one as well because she deserves a surprise.

  16. SORRY everyone – I was unexpectedly delayed tonight and haven’t had a chance to draw the winner, so I am extending the deadline until 10am tomorrow (Mon 17 Dec) and will draw it then. Thanks a million for your patience and good luck! x

  17. Cashews as they are my dads and my favorites or a bottle of scotch as my dad means the world to me and has helped me out so much as a struggling single parent my girls and me would be lost without him

  18. Oh I still have time, I love anything coffee or olives. These make my life happy. My food partner I would like to surprise with a surprise something new and different. Thanks ladies what a great giveaway.

  19. CHOCOLATE!! I am such an addict as is my beautiful sister who I would love to be my buddy – and as we live so close we can share 🙂 This is such an amazing idea 🙂

  20. I would love something unusual, but sweet and delicious! I’m a big fan of chilli and chocolate and other brilliant and unusual food marriages! I would share this prize with a fellow special needs Mum. We don’t get much time for ourselves, so it’s nice to be spoilt and remembered!

    • CONGRATULATIONS Sarah H! You are our lucky Random winner! Please contact us ASAP with your address details and contact details for your foodie buddy so Martha at Crave Good Food can send your tasting boxes out in time for Christmas! Yummy, yummy, how lucky are you today!?!? x

      • Congratulations Sarah! I hope you and your lucky bestie enjoy your Tasting Boxes from Crave good food. Thank you to Rudy & the Dodo for the opportunity to introduce myself and all of you for taking part in this yummy giveaway! Seasons greetings 🙂

  21. I’d love to be surprised with the Passionfruit Jam I had at a b&b in Montville about 12 years ago. Seriously it was so divine I still think about it – the perfect combination of sweet and sour/tart. Yum!
    And I’d love to share with my foodie parents who helped give me my appreciation of great food (and forced me to learn how to properly use chopsticks at an early age – I life skill that really has proved invaluable!)

  22. Something chocolate!!!! Love love love chocolate however the element of surprise sounds very tasty too! I would live my foodie friend aka my sister to get one too as she is an awesome mother how deserves some yummy treats!!

  23. I would love a really good tomato relish. I’m currently pregnant and craving it so badly all the time!! I have a great friend who is always close by with good advice and friendship I would love to share with but want to keep it a surprise 🙂

  24. Where to start! Dark chocolate covered coffee beans, olive oil, balsamic vinegar,dukkah, tomato relish, jam and a big cookie! It’s making me hungry!
    I would love my foodie bestie, Erin, to receive one too. She continually leads me on a foodie adventure with trying new foods and places to eat.

  25. Turkish delight!! Good turkish delight is one of my favourite treats – sticky and sweet and reminds me of my mum who loved it too!! I would share my hamper with my delightful neighbor who after many years of trying gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday, I am SO happy for her…but I know how busy she will be with a newborn so the hamper would be a useful present for her!!

  26. food that would be great in a box is some handmade chocolate coated nuts of some sort – they are always delicious and nuts and chocolate go hand in hand. my food friend deserves one as she is having a bit of a rough patch and deserves some yummy treats 🙂

  27. Hi Martha,
    I would be happy to find some gorgeous dark chocolates with fruit & nuts or alcoholic flavours. Best savoured with my partner when my 9months is asleep.
    I would love for Samantha to get one of the boxes of goodies as I have not met anyone who loves food as much as I do. I “fell in love” with her after chatting for 30minutes at our first meeting. We just couldn’t stop talking about food and coffee! 😉
    Thanks Martha. Have a great Xmas and New Year!

  28. CONGRATULATIONS Sarah H! You are our lucky Random winner! Please contact us ASAP with your address details and contact details for your foodie buddy so Martha at Crave Good Food can send your tasting boxes out in time for Christmas! Yummy, yummy, how lucky are you today!?!? x

    • So lucky! I have only just logged on for the first time today! Thanks so much Rudy and the dodo and of course the wonderful Martha at Crave Good Food! I can’t wait to share these treats with my fellow Special Needs Mum Friend! Conveniently, she lives two streets over, so a cuppa and some good food are on the agenda! Merry Christmas! xo

  29. Congratulations Lisa Wilfert! Martha has very generously given us another two boxes and you have also been randomly selected as our second winner – one for you and one for your sister-in-law! YAY for you! Can you please email me your sister-in-law’s details so we can ship your fab tasting boxes ASAP. x

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