win a money monster money box!

tigeroy money box both low res

Money burns a hole in my kids’ pockets.  They have bank accounts but don’t yet really appreciate what it means to see the balance climbing.  I reckon these little Money Monsters are JUST the ticket to get my little guys saving with enthusiasm!

They are due to land in store within 2 weeks.  To celebrate, we thought we would give one away to one of you adoring and terribly fabulous fans!

These little fellows say 25 funny things. They come in green, grey or pink and have girl and boy voices. They even do a groovy dance with their monster eye and ears when you feed them.

tiigeroy money box grey LR

Money monsters gobble up coins and notes and they complain when you empty their bellies or forget to feed them! A built in sensor detects when you’re near and they call our for “more money!” Saving pocket money has never been so much fun. Battery operated, durable and light weight – what’s not to love?

Which one would you choose, and why?

Let us know by commenting below and you will go into the draw to win the colour of your choice.  The winner will be drawn on Thursday 4th April at 10.00am EST and will be notified here on the blog. Open to Australian residents only.

If you cant wait that long and simply MUST have one now, just click here to pre-order.

Good luck!


63 thoughts on “win a money monster money box!

  1. What an brilliant idea and so cute as well. I love them all but the green one would be colour safe for the family to use without complaints about pink being too girly and grey to boyish

  2. I would love one to encourage my little ones to save! We have just started doing the pocket money thing but they run straight out and spend it on trash packs! Arrrrr I think they would like the grey one, however if I win im going to have to buy two more for my other monsters!!

  3. I’d LOVE to win the black/grey and red one for my little guy. He’s having dental surgery these school holidays so will be cashing in big on the tooth fairy – a good time to start saving and the money monster’s silly sayings will no doubt give him a giggle!

  4. The classic alien green would be perfect 🙂 My son and daughter would have so much fun with it …and so would I

  5. I would choose the green monster, my son is obsessed with everything green and the lovely orange breaks it up and makes it nice and bright.

  6. Congratulations Amanda Mackie! You have been selected via as our lucky winner! Please register your details here by 11 April to claim your prize and we will have a terribly fabulous PINK money monster on her way to you! Thanks to everyone who entered! x (If you cant live without one, you can purchase get one here –

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