creative kids – easter craft

Oh so many lovely Easter eggie ideas!  I must admit I haven’t dyed eggs for many, many years so it’s time to get into it with my boys this year.  Before we do all the pretty stuff, let’s check in with Martha Stewart for some boiling and dyeing basics.

muffin tray is a cool way to dye them without a whole lotta mess.  It also means you can use a great range of colours all at once.  Once dyed you can simply decorate them with a Sharpie.

eggs colouring collage

Now for the really fun stuff!

We are loving the latest looks in dyed eggs with these cool messages (a fun idea for lunch boxes too) and fab dipped white eggs (note: white eggs are a bit tricky to find in Australia).

eggs latest trends collage
Black & white – these would be fun at any time of the year.  I am especially loving the blackboard eggs – you simply need to add two coats of blackboard paint to your eggs then decorate with chalk or chalk pen however you like!

eggs black & white

String eggs – Did you ever make an Easter Egg basket out of sugar water, string and a balloon back in primary school? Well now you can pass on the craft to your kiddies.  Check out the tutorial here.

eggs stringPaper collage eggs – this is an easy peasy (express) craft idea for littler ones however you could easily adapt it and add more detail for older kids.  Check out the tutorial here.

eggs collage

And finally, these little guys are a simple way to decorate eggs for those of us who just don’t have time to whip up the designs above.eggs moustache no sourceThese fab ideas should get things started for you!  We’ll have more ideas over the coming weeks.  Enjoy! x

craft express – vegie stamps!

okra stamp

image courtesy of

Check out the cool flower patterns created by this okra then take a look around your vegie patch or crisper in the fridge for other inspiration.  I’m thinking celery could make some fun smiley faces!


creative kids – learning to sew

Sewing and knitting are both so in vogue (well, they never REALLY went out of fashion!), lots of us want our kids to learn these skills.

Here are some beautiful free printable cards to help your little ones on their way.

You can choose from fabulous hairdos;

sewing card hair

courtesy of

or sunny faces;

courtesy of

courtesy of

It’s looking like a very wet weekend ahead for a lot of us, so we might just give these a go.  We hope you do too. Enjoy.

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