we are going fishing. kinda.

My little business is approaching it’s 8th birthday which is a fabulous achievement and one I am terribly proud of. Sadly though, I have decided it’s time to close the shop doors.gone fishing sign blogconciergepreferredcom(2)That said, I’m not shutting down the business altogether.  Rather, I am popping up the “gone fishing” sign on the front door and taking a hiatus to clear some space, both literally and metaphorically, for new ideas and inspiration.  I am excited about this new phase and can’t wait to see what bubbles to the surface.

On top of that, my firstborn is somehow about to hit double digits in age, my “middle sized” is also approaching his very own 8th birthday and my baby starts school next year.  It’s cliché but their childhoods are over in the blink of an eye and I want to savour every spare second with my boys that I can.


Once the shop closes at the end of this month, you can still find me here at my blog.  I am hoping I will now have some time to indulge in writing and I will never, ever stop photographing and instagramming (not sure if that’s an actual word) my way through life.

The super exciting news for you is that I’m clearing ALL the stock with 25-50% off everything right now.  So help a sister out and start shopping peeps!

In closing I really wanted to say a huge and very sincere thank you for your support and for being a loyal customer or follower.

Thanks a million.  And watch this space.
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6 thoughts on “we are going fishing. kinda.

  1. Whaaaaat? No. Really? Waaaaaa. But yes, I get it. Miss Indi is at school now (well, Kindy/school) and I met you (well, Rudy and the Dodo) upon receiving a baby shower gift 4+ years ago! You’ve been in my life for the same amount of time as her! However, I’m sure something creative will strike you that you will share with us so I look forward to staying in touch!

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  3. enjoy this year with your last little one 🙂 i also have two at school and am making the most of every last bit of time at home with my youngest.

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