no looking back baby

Birth order; It’s a funny old thing isn’t it? With your firstborn, you spend every moment noticing and documenting the first of everything.  First smile, first word, first step, first day at the beach, first food, first day of school.

school shoes

Our middle child, like many, has sailed through life somewhat under the radar.  Tagging along with his big brother with some of his achievements documented but sadly, a few overlooked as life got busier with two kids, and then three, in tow.

Then there is the baby.  I’ve spent a lot of time looking in the rear vision mirror of late because of mine.  Reflecting on all the “lasts” with my littlest boy before he started school; Last day at daycare, last special days with grandparents whilst his brothers were at school, last swimming lesson and milkshakes in the peaceful bubble that was our standard Friday morning.  I never wanted that time with him to end.

“It’s not the end, but the start of a whole new phase” friends told me.  How could they say that when it was my baby starting school?  Didn’t they understand? Looking back now, I was stuck.  Really stuck.  Stuck hanging on to all those lasts and fearing the day when my baby no longer wanted to hold my hand on the short walk to the school gates because, as the mama of two older boys, I know it all happens in the blink of an eye.

When the day came for his “Best Start Interview”, a brief meeting with the teacher prior to the official start of school, I cried.  I made sure it was I was out of his sight and that it was big, heaving, ugly (UGLY) sobs so it was out of my system before we arrived at school.  We couldn’t have the poor little tacker burdened with the label of the kid with the mum who “ugly cries” at the school gates, even before he started school.

Jonty classroom

When the official start day arrived, I whacked on my bravest face, faked a smile and off we went.  Our baby has settled in nicely and is owning the whole school gig as he follows in his big brothers’ footsteps.  He’s got this.

And guess what?  Those friends were right.  Now I have finally stopped clinging on and looking in the rear vision mirror, I can see all the beautiful moments that lay ahead for our little family.  Even my baby.  Yep, that’s him running off to school without me.  And that’s OK.

Jonty off to school cropped
Has your baby started school?  How did you handle it?


pimping my ride

We got some new wheels just recently.  Before you think I am being all showy offie about that, I should point out my last car was literally held together in parts by tape and glue.  We had pushed that old girl to the very edge yet I was still so sad to see her go.  So much so I made the kids stand in front of her for one last photo because I am SO ridiculously sentimental, even trading in a car gets me going. (Not all of them were enthused about the photo opp).

kids in front of car

I was rambling on about how she’d  kept us safe all these years, taken us on some awesome adventures, brought babies home from hospital, taken toddlers and kids back to hospital, played host to a million games of Eye Spy, and almost as many arguments. I even welled up when I had to leave her at the car dealer’s. I mean, it’s just a car. Right?

Anyway, I digress.  In addition to being excited that my glovebox is no longer held together by washi tape, I am also looking forward to keeping my new car “nice”.

So it’s time to pimp my ride.  Keeping the car organised with a few basics can save a whole lotta last minute emergencies and stress.  I found this expandable storage box for less than $15 and, although it is not pretty it is very practical.

Here is what I have packed into it;

Office stuff:  Pens, pencils, ruler, scissors, tape, clips and a fab little storage system for receipts I collect on the run.

First aid stuff: Baby wipes (we will NEVER grow out of needing them!), Panadol, Band Aids, sunblock, antiseptic wash, tissues.

Back up stuff: Caps, water bottles and, as things cool down I will add jackets.

What have I missed?  What do you keep in your car?