weekend project: mounted animals

If you love the array of mounted animals that are so popular in kids decor, you will love this weekend project!

The first one is this cute bear head.

blog bear head close up


The clever clogs mama over at Mer Mag blog made hers from styrofoam covered in ‘stiffy’ – a decoupage fabric stiffener.

blog bear head

Another method uses newspaper.  You can follow this tutorial from cute blog One More Mushroom.  Don’t you just LOVE this pink squirrel she made?

blog bear squirrel 2Whichever method and whatever little critter you choose I hope you and your little ones have a terribly fabulous time creating.  Happy days. x


handy tips – patching knees

Hey, do your kids plough through the knees of their pants?   My little men folk are constantly shredding theirs up through over zealous play and knee slides down grassy hills.

Instead of just throwing the pants away (or cutting them down into shorts) check out these fun monster patches!  I’m going to give them a go!

blog monster patch 2


blog monster patch


blog monster patch kid


You can follow the tutorial here.


creative kids – milk carton lantern

As we call ‘lights out’ on another day for our little darlings, I just had to share this terribly fabulous lantern idea.

blog carton lantern

Simply cut out shapes of windows and doors (little ones may need some assistance with this) then place your carton over the top of a flameless tealight candle (available from the Hot Dollar shop).

If you want to add more dimension to this project kids can decoupage or paint the outside of their building too.  Imagine how great these would look all lined up for an outside dinner?  LOVE. x


creative kids – diy storage jars



These storage jars are AWESOME and oh-so-simple to make!

Step 1: Raid the toy boxes for favourite figurines – think animals, superheroes, princesses, whatever makes the kids’ hearts sing!

Step 2: Raid the recycling for cute jars or boxes

Step 3: Remove lid and attach figurine with glue

Step 4: Spray paint in your favourite colour/s and allow to dry

Step 5: Fill with goodies, add lid, stand back and admire!
blog - gift boxes coloured


blog - gift boxes orange


blog - gift boxes white


blog - gift boxes


(All images sourced via pinterest)

creative kids – bead making

Straws beads are an easy, peasy way to keep little hands and minds busy.  Simply cut up plastic or paper straws, grab some string and start threading. (Image courtesy of I Am Momma Hear Me Roar)blog straw beads

If you’d prefer a more permanent end result, check out these fab beading kits over in our little store.

beads collage

creative kids – on the floor

These two fab ideas help them (and you!) get down on the floor and get creative.

This cityscape is drawn onto a cheap shower curtain, taped to the floor.  For all the tips and tricks, see the tutorial from blog Filth Wizardry.

blog floor mat

blog floor mat aerial

Any big box will suffice for the basis of this self contained city.  Just let your imagination freeeeee with the design and inclusions.  Like this little one, you can add dimension with blocks and cars!  (Image sources: Pinterest)

blog - floor city


Little car lovers will be happy to recycle their loo rolls and cereal boxes to make this fab two story car park.

blog - floor car park

Happy building peeps! x

creative kids – paper lanterns

As a kid, making paper lanterns was one of my favourite craft activities.  I used to have strings of them hanging around the house.

With a much more beautiful range of papers available these days the scope for creating really amazing lanterns is huge!  Look at these pretties and visit here for the tutorial on how to make them (just in case your memory, like mine, doesn’t stretch back to the specifics of your kindergarten crafting days) …

paper lanterns usa

Want a shortcut?  Visit our little store and grab a packet of Make Your Own Paper Lanterns.  We’ll have you looking like a crafty mama in no time – wink, wink. x

creative kids – bird houses

School holidays have arrived here so, chances are, you are also in the middle of them or they are just around the corner.  Over the next two weeks I’ll be posting some fab activities to keep the little darlings occupied and their big imaginations stimulated.

Let’s start with paper birdhouses.  Girls and boys all love a birdhouse so this activity should keep everyone in YOUR house happy.

birdsnest imageTo create these little beauties you’ll need to transfer this template onto heavy paper or cardboard then simply follow the guidelines to folding and glue.

BIRDNEST_TEMPLATE(Images courtesy of karmuca y cuquino)

If that’s all too hard for you, we have these fantastic ‘Design Your Own Wooden Bird House‘ kits in store.  From one of our favourite brands Seedling, New Zealand, the kits come blank with a set of paints and paintbrush ready for your little ones to create their own magic.

bird house collage
Whether your bird house ends up on a bedroom wall or hanging from a tree in the backyard, this activity is sure to be a winner.