active kids – alphabet scavenger hunt

We did this activity last school holidays and my boys had SO much fun.  The bonus is it’s super dooper easy for you to set up and can be played indoors or outdoors.

Simply lay out letters of the alphabet on the ground or floor and set the kids a challenge to find an item starting with each letter.  One handy tip is to have a set of letters for every two children playing so the collection area doesn’t get too crowded or confusing.  The letters can be magnetic as in the picture or a piece of paper with the letter written on it.

alphabet scavenger hunt

Image courtesy of Play Dr Mom

For other fun ideas to help your little ones learn the alphabet, just visit our little store. x


creative kids – “sciencie” stuff

The lovely people over at have put together 25 at home science experiments so I just had to share! It may just save someone’s sanity over the school holiday period.


OK, see ya!  I’m off to walk on some eggshells …

creative kids – living playhouse

JUST when I thought I would simply plant some herbs and a few vegies, this pops up in my pinterest feed!

living den


You can follow the tutorial here.

Do you have a living playhouse or vegie garden at your place?  What do you grow?

52. what a fab number.

image courtesy of

image courtesy of

I had a chat to my 7 year old yesterday about New Years resolutions and what they were all about.  I explained they are promises we make to ourselves to be a better person, to try the things we have always wanted to try, to help others and to strive for ‘better’ in general.

I also explained that the end of the year is a great time to reflect on who we already are and what we already have.

We have started our “grateful jar” into which we will pop little cards and reminders of special things that we experience throughout the year so we can look back and reflect on all we have to be thankful for.  Gratitude is something I see lacking in many kids these days so I am hoping this little project will help ensure mine have it, eventually, in abundance!


You can start this project right now.  All you need is a jar, or a box and some paper to write on.  Easy peasy.

If you would like more inspiration about gratitude check out Maxabella Loves‘ 52 weeks of grateful.

Another little project the 7 year old and I have committed to is inspired by the 52 Brand New blog and involves trying one new experience each week, giving us 52 fab new experiences to reflect on this time next year.  We are working on our list now and I’ll be blogging about our adventures so stay tuned.

Thank you for following my little blog throughout the year.  It’s been fab to have you along for the ride.

Here’s to another beautiful, exciting, creative and adventurous year ahead for us all.

Happy, happy – to you and yours from me and mine. x

2013 let's do this


water play for spring

With the weather warming up here, it’s a great time to get the little ones outside and soaking up some fresh air and sunshine.

Here are some fab ideas to get you started, just in case you are having trouble coming out of hibernation.

courtesy of

OK, so this home made kids car wash is the deluxe end of DYI but we have lots of easier projects too.  All you need for this one is some chalk, a spray bottle of water and a suitable surface.  Chalk keeps my kids entertained for hours.

courtesy of

These water walls are both fun to make and use.  You can find the tutorial for the first one here.  Such a cool way to explore with water!

courtesy of

And last but not least (because these two are the absolute easy peasiest ideas you will find!), these recycled milk or drink bottles will keep little ones happy AND they can help water the garden for you.  Everyone’s a winner!

courtesy of and

Whatever you do this weekend, soak up Spring (or Autumn for our northern hemisphere friends) and enjoy. x


geography nerds unite

My name is Julia and I am a geography nerd.

My Dad was a Social Science high school teacher so I grew up surrounded by maps, globes and encyclopaedias.

I was especially besotted with Dad’s world globe that sat on the desk in his study.  My sisters and I would close our eyes and spin the globe, randomly pointing (pin the tail on the donkey style!) to stop the globe from spinning.  Wherever we landed was the destination for our next imaginary holiday.

From my late teens, I went on to travel the world and explore many unusual corners of it.  I like to think that globe inspired those travels just a bit.

Now, whether they like it or not, my kids are growing up surrounded my maps and globes and it is our hope they too will explore all corners of the world.

Today’s collection features some world inspired goodies we hope you’ll love …

Clockwise from top left:

1. Personalised world map print –
2. Yellow world globe –
3. World globe lamps – source unknown
4. Jumbo floor puzzle – world map –

Clockwise from top left:

1. World map satchel –
2. 63 pierce puzzle – world map –
. Mini world globe –
4. Plastic inflatable globe ball – source unknown (but we paid $3 for one years ago and have had hours and hours of enjoyment out of it!)

And a little fantasy find to finish …

diamonds on the soles of your shoes …

OK, not diamonds, but coins?

My little dudes love playing in the mud, the sand, and anywhere else they can leave footprints (which, sadly, also includes our loungeroom floor, but that’s another story).

How much fun would little ones have making ‘funny footprints’ with these simple additions to their shoes?

image courtesy of

You could change the patterns, use different size coins, use different materials altogether (I’m thinking foam shapes!) and either glue (permanent) or blue tack (temporary) said materials to the shoes.

No matter how you do it, it’s sure to have the little ones (and you!) intrigued and most definitely amused.

Happy stomping. x