fab christmas idea #23

A ‘novel’ idea I had to share with you. No time or space to put up a big tree?  How about this Christmas tree stack of books?  So cute and so simple.

christmas tree book stack

Styled by Phoebe McEvoy (courtesy of pinterest)


craft express – peg christmas trees

Look what we made today …

Using this stuff …

All you will need are some old boxes (any cardboard would do), a few little gems from the craft box (think pom poms, glitter, confetti, star stickers) and some wooden pegs.

Simply cut out* cardboard triangles (you can get a bit fancy here if you like), colour in or paint, glue on decorations of your choice and clip wooden peg to the bottom.

* Obviously littler ones would need assistance with cutting out but the rest is manageable for any age from toddlers to grown ups.