“Five”. SO much older than “Four” …

I’m feelin’ all sentimental so had to share this picture.  Tonight is my middle sized baby’s last night of being 4.

This is him, finally nodding off after unusual levels of pre-bedtime craziness (it’s true what they say about kids and the wind), all tuckered out from a one on one “last-day-of-being-4-day” with mama which included a much anticipated shopping trip to buy something special with birthday money from his 91 year old great grandmother, “More Nanna”.

He loves all things nature so chose three new whales for his collection.  I wont go into great detail (he can tell you their full “proper” name, where they live and what they eat) but suffice to say they’re not exactly cuddly little bedtime buddies.  Nevertheless, they will no doubt keep the five year old version of my beautiful boy company for many nights to come.

My five year old.  It just sounds so much older than my four year old.  I dont think I’m quite ready to say it yet.

Anyhoo, sleep tight little Dude.  Big adventures await.