diy flowers for mama’s day

Every mama (or grandmama) loves flowers so we’ve tracked down three easy ways for the kids to deliver some this Mama’s Day, without the crazy expense.

Let’s start with this one, voted most likely for THIS mama to receive this Sunday morning!

lego flower

These hand print paper lillies are so cute!  Trace and cut out the kids’ hand prints for the petals, cut out some leaves then attach all to a pipe-cleaner.  If you want to be extra fancy, add a yellow pipe-cleaner to the centre.

handprint lilliesThese beautiful felt flowers were inspired by Valentine’s Day but can easily be adapted to Mama’s Day.  See the tutorial here.

felt flowers collage

If you love these ideas but dont have time to start from scratch, you might just love these paper flowers over in our little store.


Happy, happy. x


craft express – fingerprint art

All you’ll need for these little cuties is a stamp pad, some fingers and a pen to add detail. If you want to get a bit fancy you can add snazzy paper like the fox’s ears below. Easy peasy.

All images courtesy of Pinterest.

hello cherry blossom

Here is another terribly simple, yet terribly gorgeous, craft idea.

1. Paint the trunk of the tree on paper using a brush (or texta, crayon or pencil)
2. Dip the bottom of a soda or water bottle into pink paint
3. Stamp away
4. Stand back and admire

If you love all things floral, check out these beautiful make your own tissue paper flower kits by French brand Djeco. The package becomes the vase once the flowers are complete!

They are sooo pretty. Hmmmm, I wonder if I can convince my boys to make some with me…

flower power

I think ‘The Universe’ is trying to tell me not to blog today.  Or do any work for that matter.

It’s the first official day of school holidays and my six year old (turning seven tomorrow so probably the last time I will call him that) and I have some very rare one on one time.  To ensure I make the most of this time ‘The Universe’ has busted my laptop.  It’s kaput.  Done.  Dead as a dodo.  Laptop doctor is on his way but until then, the best I can do is share this gorgie, gorgie bunch of flowers to brighten your day, and mine.

Catch you later.  My almost seven year old is calling …