super mama strikes again

We have had a “textas-are-to-be-used-only-at-the-dining-table” rule ever since our last experience with a briefly unsupervised 2 year old, an Artline permanent black marker and a latte macro suede lounge.

Apparently that rule was broken today.  By yet another unsupervised 2 year old (younger brother of aforementioned unsupervised 2 year old) who I thought was angellically watching Play School with this middle size brother.

On the up-side, this one was, thankfully, only wielding a washable green marker and seemed intent only on graffiti-ing (is that a word?) his own body parts.

So given the obvious improvement in damage control (ie washable marker vs permanent marker, damage to washable little legs vs unwashable fancy-pants-lounge) I’m going to call this a win for my mothering skills.  OK, it’s a stretch, but I’m still callin’ it …