creative kids – neon heart cushion

You know we love a splash of colour around here.  Check out this neon heart cushion you and the kids can make together following this tutorial.  Go on, give it a try …



more love ..

Following on from my last post about easy lovin’ crafty ideas, I just had to share this one with you.

You could cut out the hearts by hand or use a punch to save time.  This would look gorgeous in a nursery, or as seen here above a little one’s bed.

easy lovin …

Want to share the love with your little one?  I have put together a collection of my favourite lovey dovey creative ideas – hope you love them too!

Cut out hearts from tissue or silk paper (or whatever paper you love), add string to each one and attach them to a dowel rod or tape straight onto the window frame as they have done here.  So pretty when the light shines in …

To create this little bunch of love, cut out various sizes of hearts in different papers, glue together, add a pipe cleaner stem and place into plasticine inside a decorated loo roll vase!  Voila!

courtesy of

This little felt creation is a bit trickier but if you follow the visual instructions you will find your way to a lovely little Christmas decoration, or just a reminder of love.

Need a cute card to add to all these little treasures you and your little one have made?  Check out this one!  All you need is some paper or card, a hand and some scissors!  Easy peasy.

And one last little picture I just loved and had to share …