sharing fab ideas – tracing hugs

Want an alternative to sending a card to the grandparents?  We like to trace ‘hugs’ and post them off by snail mail.  Here’s our littlest one being traced within the outlines of his two big brothers.  What’s not to love?

tracing hugs


share the love

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so we have gathered some LOVE-ly crafty ideas to share with your little ones.

Simply click on the image for the tutorial (and credits).

Start with this simple yet terribly fabulous robot card …

heart robot

You could send it to your beloved in this hand made cute-as-ever felt envelope


Let the whole street (or world) know of your love with this gorgeous paper heart wreath hung on your front door …

heart bhg

This heart and hand tree is an old favourite of ours and is great for pre-schoolers.

heart tree

And I just adore this decoration for above the bed. I think this could look amazing above a “grown ups” bed too!

heart bedhead

We have loads more old favourite ideas to show your love here.

However you choose to show and celebrate your love, you enjoy it.

craft express – send a hug

We are loving this simple (and fast) idea kids of all ages can enjoy making.  Makes a fab gift to send to grandparents, friends and other family members who love hugs!

courtesy of

And this is another cute spin on the same idea …

courtesy of

Go on.  Send someone a hug.  It only takes a few minutes and will make their day!

easy lovin …

Want to share the love with your little one?  I have put together a collection of my favourite lovey dovey creative ideas – hope you love them too!

Cut out hearts from tissue or silk paper (or whatever paper you love), add string to each one and attach them to a dowel rod or tape straight onto the window frame as they have done here.  So pretty when the light shines in …

To create this little bunch of love, cut out various sizes of hearts in different papers, glue together, add a pipe cleaner stem and place into plasticine inside a decorated loo roll vase!  Voila!

courtesy of

This little felt creation is a bit trickier but if you follow the visual instructions you will find your way to a lovely little Christmas decoration, or just a reminder of love.

Need a cute card to add to all these little treasures you and your little one have made?  Check out this one!  All you need is some paper or card, a hand and some scissors!  Easy peasy.

And one last little picture I just loved and had to share …

hearts and hands tree

This little idea is so simple yet beautiful.

courtesy of

Make your own ‘Hearts and Hand Tree’ using your little one’s hand to make the tree trunk – you can trace around it or use paint and stamp their hand print on.

Add your own love heart leaves by using a heart shaped paper punch (if you have one) or help your little one cut them out.  Use an old magazine, old gift wrapping paper, newspaper  -whatever you like!

I think this one would be gorgeous framed.  In no time at all you are sure to be marveling at how little their hands were.


love the love lock

I recall, at about the age of 9, carving my initials and those of my one true love (hello Timmy Field!) into a tree trunk to ensure history would forever be recorded.

Had I known about this fab idea I would have left that poor ole gum tree be and headed off to the local hardware instead.

The love lock bridge.  Where lovers carve their initials in a padlock, attach it to the bridge, and throw away the key.

image courtesy of

Have you ever been to a love lock bridge? Do you know of one locally?  This one is in Cologne Germany.