the drive in – coolest party ever

Growing up in Lake Macquarie (near Newcastle) a trip to the “local” drive in was a bit of a hike but most definitely a very special occasion.  My two sisters and I loved the fancy little speaker outside dad’s driver window, buying popcorn from the kiosk and being able to snuggle under our blankets to watch Herbie the Love Bug.

Drive-ins are few and far between these days but how is this for a fab recreation of one?  Makes the perfect setting for a ‘movie night’ party for the kids.  Here, a trampoline covered with a large white sheet makes for a fab screen and the little personalised cars all lined up in a row are just too cute for words.  You could take things a step further and ask guests to decorate or personalise their own car as part of the entertainment.

Either way, this party idea gets the triple thumbs up from my three little guys.

source unknown


rock star cubby houses

I am currently on a quest to find a fabulous cubby house for our three boys to enjoy.  I always had cubbies growing up and they are the scene of some of my greatest childhood memories.  So, my mission has unveiled some AWE-SOME rock star cubbies that can and will only ever sit on my “dream list” but I had to share them with you.  Which one is your favourite?


1. Orange two storey (source unknown)

2. Wonderland (source unknown)

3. Pirate ship (image courtesy of

4. Vintage caravan (image courtesy

diamonds on the soles of your shoes …

OK, not diamonds, but coins?

My little dudes love playing in the mud, the sand, and anywhere else they can leave footprints (which, sadly, also includes our loungeroom floor, but that’s another story).

How much fun would little ones have making ‘funny footprints’ with these simple additions to their shoes?

image courtesy of

You could change the patterns, use different size coins, use different materials altogether (I’m thinking foam shapes!) and either glue (permanent) or blue tack (temporary) said materials to the shoes.

No matter how you do it, it’s sure to have the little ones (and you!) intrigued and most definitely amused.

Happy stomping. x