finding my sense of wonder

Driving to the supermarket with my ‘middle sized’ in the back seat yesterday, his little voice asked “Mum, can we go for a walk on the beach?”

Normally my response would be “Next time honey” because we’d be rushing from A to B, however yesterday I chose to say “Yes”.

Just the two of us, holding hands, collecting shells and watching kite surfers.  The wind was craa-aaazy so they were the only people on the beach apart from us!

Instead of walking the supermarket aisles we climbed sand dunes, made footprints and chased shadows on the sand.  And we ran really, really fast straight into the wind.  The look on his beaming, beautiful face said it all.

It was only half an hour but it filled our souls and left us with that ‘summer is just around the corner’ feeling.

The groceries still got done eventually and the world just kept on turning.  A great little reminder to stop and smell the roses (or the sea air, country air, whatever it might be for you) and to choose to say yes instead of no a little more often.