craft express – vegie stamps!

okra stamp

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Check out the cool flower patterns created by this okra then take a look around your vegie patch or crisper in the fridge for other inspiration.  I’m thinking celery could make some fun smiley faces!


diamonds on the soles of your shoes …

OK, not diamonds, but coins?

My little dudes love playing in the mud, the sand, and anywhere else they can leave footprints (which, sadly, also includes our loungeroom floor, but that’s another story).

How much fun would little ones have making ‘funny footprints’ with these simple additions to their shoes?

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You could change the patterns, use different size coins, use different materials altogether (I’m thinking foam shapes!) and either glue (permanent) or blue tack (temporary) said materials to the shoes.

No matter how you do it, it’s sure to have the little ones (and you!) intrigued and most definitely amused.

Happy stomping. x