power to the (wooden) people

I love wooden people.

We have them dotted all through our little home, just because they make me smile.  Some of them we painted ourselves, some of them we bought from other clever people who painted them for us.  Some are not painted at all (the nuddy!), but we love them all equally.

Here are my favourites;

image courtesy Beneath The Rowan Tree on etsy.com

courtesy of homemadebyjill.blogspot.com

image courtesy of mooshoopork on etsy

image courtesy of little grey fox (you’ll find a handy tutorial there too!)

If you are inspired to make your own but not quite sure where to start, check out this fab kit from seedling new zealand.  It comes complete with everything you need!

And another old favourite is this German wooden family – each person is made up of three magnetic pieces that can be mixed to make crazy people, or matched to make the “proper” character.  Gorgeous.

So whether you take the short cut (here’s one we prepared earlier) or the ‘make your own’ option, we hope you enjoy some new little wooden members of your family.  Send us your photos!